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The 2016 Dublin Diaries – Part 13

There’s no time to spare on the morning of Wednesday 27 July 2016 ahead of a well-planned final day.

5.30am – Players up, showered and packed ahead of their journey home.

6.15am – The Inverness party check-out of Dublin University and Philip loads the bus for the 6.30am departure to the George Best Belfast Airport.

7.30am – There is a 30 minute stop half way through the journey for breakfast.

9am – The squad are scheduled to check-in at the George Best Airport

10.45am – The players and officials board the flight to Inverness

11.55am – The squad is due to arrive in Inverness.

Well that is all the players except Ross MacMillan, Fraser Watt, Daniel MacVicar and Lewis Montgomery and coach Fraser Inglis who have an few extra hours in bed before they leave Dublin University at 11am, in a bus driven by Seamus Curtis, for their journey to the airport and their flight from Dublin to Edinburgh.

The coaches thank the players for their commitment and good behaviour and players return their thanks for the opportunity to travel to Ireland to represent their country for what has been a highly successful tour.